Educating climbers transitioning from inside to outdoors and sport to trad

Outdoor Rock Climbing Class Denver, Colorado
Lead Climbing Calyspo, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado
Demonstrating Rock Climbing Rescue Skills
Leading Turner's Flake, Cathedral Ledge, AMGA Rock Instructor Exam


I can't say enough great things about the instructors, Jackie and Scott! Their wealth of knowledge, knack for coaching, and passion for the sport made for an amazing learning experience. They are so patient in teaching you the necessary skills needed to reduce risk outdoors and still have fun. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone looking to take their rock climbing to the outdoors! 

- Aubrey H.

InsideOut Climbing has truly helped me feel confident moving my climbing from the gym to the great outdoors. Scott & Jackie are extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, and engaging. May I suggest you take a class (or two or three, etc.) with this awesome duo? :)

- Ida C.

I took the Outdoor Climbing Fundamentals course and it exceeded every expectation I had for the course.  For a couple years now I've been wanting to get into the sport of rock climbing, but not knowing anyone involved, I had no idea how to get started, where to go, or the proper gear I needed.  During the course, Scott and Jackie went over every detail about proper etiquette and safety protocols.  They challenged the students to think on their own about how to do things, why some methods aren't as good as others, and how could we improve certain situations or systems to be safer and stronger.  They were patient and helpful in every regard.  


I feel confident that while I'm not an experienced climber, I now know the safest way to go about climbing and things to look out for when climbing with others.  Scott and Jackie truly are experts in their field and are so passionate about the sport and wanting to share it with others.  For anyone who has been thinking about taking up rock climbing or you've been climbing for years and have never taken a proper safety course, I highly recommend learning from Scott and Jackie.    

- Cara F.